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Website Design & Development packages

Jaffe Websites is not one dimensional when it comes to webdesign packages. We understand that your business is unique and may not require everything your neighbours business has – on the other hand it might require more!
We offer three business webdesign packages which include our popular single business website, professional business website and custom webdesign package.

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Basic website package

I want to look out for the little guys too which is why I offer a simple business website packages which are amazingly designed to shout at your customers but without all the frills. Get noticed now and stop losing customers.

This package includes

  • 1 concept for Homepage + 1 Revision
  • 1 concept for Generic Pages + 1 Revision
  • Custom designed and developed website
  • Contact forms
  • 1 stock image
  • Up to 5 standard pages
  • Basic WordPress security package

This package is perfect for

A business who bold is wants to stand out from their competition. This business want’s to talk to their customers about their products or showcase their service. This business does not need to collect payments from their customers.

Investment from $1380

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Book Basic website package

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Professional business website

Have the next big idea to hit the market? The professional business
website is exactly what you need to make it happen.
Make an investment in your business and take it to the next level.

This package includes

  • 1 concept for Homepage + 3 Revision
  • 1 concept for Generic Pages + 3 Revision
  • Custom designed and developed website
  • Contact forms
  • Up to 10 standard pages
  • Advanced WordPress security package

Optional includes

  • Payment forms
  • Password restricted areas
  • Social media image pack
  • Ecommerce sales platform
  • Integrated Blog
  • Submission to Google, Bing & Yahoo

This package is perfect for

A business that has many offerings or services to talk to their customers about. This business wants to have an e-commerce platform and sell their products to their customers or accept online payments.
This business is setting up their virtual bricks and mortal – literally!


Investment from $2900

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Book professional business website package

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Complete custom website

Do your website requirements fall outside of our standard packages? No problem. Our complete custom website packages cover’s everything from directory and membership websites to being able to host your own webinars and even sell your e-course.

We also have some experts on hand who will turn your dream into a reality

Services include but are not limited to:

  • Brand identity and graphic design
  • Marketing guidance and content writing
  • Social Media marketing and management

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Enquiry about a project

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Web package extras

Additional page $180.00/page
Submission to Google, Bing and Yahoo $90.00
Google Analytics establishment $30.00
Social Media Kit $180.00

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Get your business an online presence

Running your business online is important, but I’m guessing you already know that which is why you are here today.

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Sales Funnels

Are you looking at promoting a new service you are offering or perhaps your are looking to run a sale on a product you wish to clear from your stock – A targeted sales page will help you to achieve your sales targets.

How does a sales funnel work?

A sales funnel is designed to turn leads into prospect customers and then into sales for your business.

When we create a sales page for you we are creating a strategic funnel for your customers which will drive them to buy your product or service.

Benefits of a sales webpage

The idea of a successful sales page is to drive as much traffic as possible to your promotion. Your sales page will help you convert and if marketed correctly will increase sales.

Yes! You can change your promotion

Is your sales campaign finished? No problem, there is no waste with our sale page offering. We give you admin access so that you can change your product offering and content as you please.


Investment from $180

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Book a Sales Funnel website package

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Professional Email accounts & Landing Page

Say goodbye to unprofessional email accounts

Are you not quite ready to get a website but you don’t want to look unprofessional with a free email address like Gmail or Hotmail? I totally understand. I can help you look more professional to your clients right now. You tell me your business name and I will hook you up with personalized business email accounts and a snazzy branded coming soon page. It really is that easy.

Let me just lay the details out for you right now

We will register your suite of domain names* which includes including and .com

We will establish a web hosting account on your behalf and provide you with unlimited business email accounts!

Its important to have a point of contact via a webpage to show credibility as well as open another avenue for your customers to locate your business.

We will create you a custom designed landing page which includes the following options

  • Contact form
  • Opt-in form for your mailing list
  • Links to your social media platforms

*domain names are subject to availability


Investment $360

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Book a Landing page and email package

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Maintenance & WordPress Security

Don’t let your website go ‘stale’ with outdated content – it plain and simply put looks unprofessional. We will update your website and lock it down to help prevent your WordPress website from being hacked!

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WordPress maintenance

Maintenance is important for your ongoing website health and customer engagement.

Our WordPress updates and plugins maintenance covers:

  • Update WordPress Core
  • Update plugins*
  • Post website testing
  • 1-week customer satisfaction period
  • Provide report of maintenance completed

General Maintenance

Are you looking to update a particular area or item(s) on your website? General maintenance is exactly what you need. All you need to do is provide the brief and we will provide the quote, simple.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text el_class=”button padding”]

Purchase maintenance hours

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Security Boost

Too often we hear about websites being compromised due to poor code, outdated plugins and weak credentials. Jaffe Websites offers a security boost package to help in making your website more secure.

What your package includes:

  • Update WordPress Core
  • Update plugins*
  • Add security measures
  • Post website testing
  • 1-week customer satisfaction period
  • Provide report of maintenance

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Purchase security boost

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