Websites that deliver the goods

Website looking tired, armature or non-existent? Our team is the missing piece in your digital puzzle.

Your website should be open 24/7. Standing at attention – ready and waiting.
Give your potential customers the best impression of you and your business even before they have started the conversation.

Websites are the doormat to your business – welcome your “guests” and the rest is history!

Focus on your business while we focus on your website

Is your website your hardest working employee? If not, you’re getting it wrong.

Simply put, your website should greet your visitor, guide them to where they need to go, and convert.

At Jaffe Websites, we take websites seriously. We dig into data, define desired user experiences and create websites that deliver results.

Our five step approach to websites


Step 1: Strategy

We work to understand who you are, who your customers are, and how we
can create satisfaction in every interaction

Step 2: Interface Design

We now know what we want to achieve.
Let us show you how we are going to achieve it with a visual display & concept presentation.

Step 3: Development & Testing

We’ve crossed the Ts and dotted the Is, it’s now time to bring your website to life.
Your one-of-a-kind WordPress theme is coded, line by line in our Melbourne studio.

Step 4:Training

Leaving no stone unturned we train you to get your hands dirty, or not (find out more about our maintenance packages).

Step 5:Deploy

The sprint is over, and you’re not even puffed out.
Once your website is launched, we hand over your assets and offer support that exceeds expectations.

Get in touch with us to discuss your website requirements further: