We design and develop bespoke websites.

We are Jaffe Websites. We are Melbourne based website specialists who service businesses throughout Australia.

We assess and create website strategies focusing on the overall user experience, smart user interface, innovative design and the latest development using WordPress.

No two businesses are alike, we deal with each and every business on an individual basis and the results show. We prefer to take a more personalised and customised approach when working with our clients. Dealing with their specific needs and solving their problems accordingly. Bespoke is not just a buzz word we throw in for fun, it is the way we do business at Jaffe Websites.

A digital agency team

We are a team that collaborates with you, not an agency. We say no to our clients being passed around a business or speaking to a sales rep who paints dreams.  When you work with us, you’re connected directly to the people who are making the magic happen – no smoke and mirrors here.

Our Values

Straight Talking

We are straight talking and transparent in our communications.

We’re available

We’re here when you need us. We use industry leading technology to connect you to our team throughout your project.


We explain our approach and actions. We train our clients, empower them and create confidence.

The Team

Lisa Jaffe

Hey there, I’m Lisa Jaffe.
You can find me in Melbourne, Australia in the studio getting inspired, designing complex user interfaces and coding bad ass websites.

Friends know me as a coder who likes the occasional wine, my clients know me as their go-to website engineer.

I love creating websites that are strategic, user focused and that set businesses up for online success.

You’ll find me planning, design and developing with small to medium sized business who don’t have time to waste and are ready to run towards their business goals.