Quality Website Development

Business and Personal Websites

You’re considering a new website? that’s great because you have come to the right place.

From basic websites to complex online stores I have the skills to get your business to the place you want to be.

I am all about automation and making your website work for you, think of it as your hardest working, lowest paid employee on the team. Your website is going to chat to your client, guide them around your business, present your previous work and case studies, and then offer to connect them with your team. Does it sound too good to be true? I can assure you it isn’t – it is simply the result of a well-crafted, well thought-out website.

Each web design project I work on is unique, no two websites are alike. Using my years of experience in managing end to end website projects, I have rock solid processes to ensure your project runs from start to finish seamlessly.

— Step 1: Planning and Research

Often my clients have thought about what they need, sometimes they haven’t. Either way, having a steadfast strategy and plan will ensure your investment will meet your expectations.
I will break it down for you, page by page. Each page will be mapped out and functionality recommended.  By the end of this stage you will have a clear understanding as to what the end product is going to do and how it is going to work.

— Step 2: Website Design

The design stage is often the most exciting for my clients as it is where you will visually see what your product will look like.
Using the information about your business collected in the planning and research stage, your design will be perfectly suited to your ideal customer and will contain all of the important functionality agreed on along with showcasing your business in the best possible light.

— Step 3: Website Development

The development is a period where you will not hear from me to much as I will be knee deep in code. Each website I develop is built using the leading coding framework and will give your customers the absolute best experience from mobile phone to desktop.

— Step 4: Testing and Launch

Your website has been coded and is looking fabulous. Let’s jump in, add the final touches, share it with family and friends to get feedback and hit the GO button!

What you can expect

Weekly progress emails

Each week I will touch base with you to let you know how I am going with your project. Communication is super important to me and is the key to a stress free website setup.


If required, you will be provided with Workbooks to keep you on track with allocated tasks. A great example of this is a content workbook. In my experience, content is the single most important task that you need to complete but often it gets left to the last minute and is rushed. Despite what you may think, people will read your copy before they invest in your business!

Quality Design and Development

You didn’t start your business to sell or offer B grade products, your website should be reflective of this. When I custom code your website, you can expect a website that is secure, lightning fast, purpose driven and strategic.

Ongoing support without the hefty price tag

With custom designed and developed websites the learning curve isn’t a steep one and most of the time a 1 hour training meeting will answer any questions you may have regarding your websites operation. Nevertheless, if you have a question regarding your websites operation I will always be available to help answer your questions. Should you need ongoing support in regards to maintenance, please take a look at the maintenance page.

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